Launch Manifest


The Solar Library

The Solar Library has been started.  The first installment was launched by SpaceX on the Falcon Heavy Test launch and is now entering an orbit around the Sun for millions of years.  The first books in the Solar Library are Isaac Asimov’s Foundation Trilogy.  Read more about this historic milestone here.


Earth Library

We will also distribute copies of the Arch Library on and around planet Earth, to orbital locations as well as to surface locations, underground and undersea, to mountains and caves, and to individuals and organizations that want to help preserve and store the Arch Library.


Lunar Library

We are developing an Arch Library, called The Lunar Library, that will be landed on the surface of the Moon by 2020. The Lunar Library will contain a curated data set of the most important knowledge of our species . This will be the first Library on the Moon and will grow over time as humans establish a permanent lunar presence.


Mars Library

The Mars Library will be designed to supply a future human settlement on Mars with a vast collection of important knowledge from Earth. This will form a backup of Earth on Mars, in the event that the connection between Mars and Earth is ever lost in the future. It will also provide colonists on Mars with a massive data set with which to seed a local Internet and Web on Mars.



Arch Libraries will be spread across the solar system to as many locations as possible.  Massive redundancy is an important strategy for ensuring that the Arch™ Libraries survive and are eventually found again if needed.